The Irony Of Fate In The American Way: Only Instead Of Olivier, Abigail Mac's Tight Ass

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The young realtor Abigail Mack was doing very well. Naive customers are about to buy another bullshit house. Walking from room to room. The girl tells how lucky they were and how much of a fucking house they snatched. Until he bumps into a smelly hippie in one of the rooms. Which is clearly not the first day here. After escorting the clients out, she begins to solve this problem and first of all leads the homeless person to the shower. Seeing a member of the marginal, her pussy begins to leak and putting a bolt on potential venereal diseases greedily pounces on his horse cock.
😍 Models: ♀️ us Abigail Mac , ♂️ us Xander Corvus
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