Right In The Same Bed While The Husband Is Sleeping, The Wife Fucks

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The young boy lived with his father and stepmother. One day, before going to bed, he saw his stepmother brushing her teeth in shorts and a T-shirt. He immediately noticed her sexy ass and delicious legs. From such a sight, he could not stand it and began to masturbate literally two meters away from her. The whole thing was noticed by the father, and made a remark to his son by sending him to bed. But the son was not going to give up, he made his way to his father's room. While the father and his wife were sleeping, the guy quietly started his business. First he took his wife's legs out from under the blanket. He was so excited that he began to lick her beautiful toes, and then switched to her hands, and then to her breasts. After a while, she woke up and didn't mind fucking him. The guy was shocked by this, because while the husband is sleeping, the wife fucks with him!.
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