Dad Does Not Hesitate To Offer A Young Girl To His Boss

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Dad was a successful businessman, but time is changing. After getting pretty drunk, Batek lost his entire fortune in poker, it's time to pay the bills. His boss came to visit him, from whom he borrowed a tidy sum. After much persuasion, the man agrees to forgive the debt if the gentle baby spreads her virgin hole for him. An inexperienced, timid little girl is happy to help her daddy, she readily goes to the bedroom with an adult man. On the white sheets, a cute honey is trying very hard to please a pot-bellied uncle. Clumsily she swallows his cock, chokes on her saliva and moans gently. She did not expect such a size, her little crack may not stand it.
😍 Models: ♀️ Alyce Anderson , ♂️ us Eric John
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