A Young Japanese Woman Fucks Hard With A Ghost From Her Boyfriend At Night On The Bed

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A young Gothic Japanese woman in a shirt, school skirt and knee socks returned home drunk and exhausted. She was at the cemetery and summoned the ghost of her deceased boyfriend to see him for the last time. The spell of the cross-eyed baby worked - the ghost of her boyfriend was waiting for her in the room. He didn't say a word, but immediately pounced on his beloved and licked her narrow slit with gusto, and then gave the girl a powerful bolt on the cheek and enjoyed a blowjob. The ghost pressed the Japanese woman to the bed with her tits down and began to tear her pussy hard and mercilessly, practically destroying the girl's vagina. Having done his dirty work, the ghostly fucker finished off the goth's chin and dissipated like a fart in the wind, leaving the fucked bitch to reflect on what had happened. The boyfriend, although he was just a ghost, but the cock and sperm were quite real.
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