A Patient In A Hospital Room Fries A Nurse In Anal For Therapeutic Purposes

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A sexy nurse with appetizing forms in white stockings, making a detour, went to the patient in the ward. The patient began to complain of fatigue, and an experienced medic strictly ordered him: get your dick and fuck me in the ass, and it will immediately become much easier for you. The guy did not resist and took out the device, and the agile bitch immediately took his bump in her mouth and made a masterful blowjob with masturbation. Straddling the patient's chatter with her pussy, she jumped on him in the pose of a rider, waving her tits in different directions and moaning loudly. When it came to anal penetration, the lady again took control of everything and independently planted a point on a strong dick, performing all the same energetic jumps and substituting the ass, getting on all fours. The anal procedures ended with the fact that the nurse with the sperm in her mouth completely swallowed it, leaving a couple of drops on the buffers. So the guy has never been treated before, and therefore he decided to extend his sick leave for another week or two - you never know what else can happen during this time.
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