Fake Cop Full Length Porn Videos

Fake Cop studio caused a big stir in the UK, because it shows a very spicy and somewhere forbidden topic. Here you will see guys who want sex, who dressed up as policemen and took to the streets of the city to make a fictitious accusation against a beautiful girl and agree to let her go only after good sex.

Fake Cop porn has received a lot of prescriptions and lawsuits from the authorities, who believed that here really disguised porn actors are blackmailing passers-by girls for sex. In reality, of course, everything is done according to the script, but nevertheless it is done in a very realistic and aesthetic way that you can really believe that a guy is a policeman who takes a bribe from a girl in the form of sex.

The Fake Cop video is definitely worth watching, because here you can see an interesting topic that has never appeared on the web before and enjoy a decent acting game, accompanied by good and beautiful sex.

Fake Cop: Porn Compilation with Studio

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